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When physical properties meet visual properties


Garment dyed trilobate nylon. A metallic silvered coating makes the fabric extremely high performating, giving it not only wind and water resistance, but also thermo regulating properties.
The silvered coating also helps to prevent static electricity from accumulating on the body, enhancing personal wellbeing.
Nyfoil is not only a functional fabric, but it also has a unique look. The metallic interior coating in uences the colours of the ultra ne nylon, creating a metallic range of colours.
Designer’s Comment

“The internal silvered coating, semi visible through the ultra light nylon shell, is responsible for an entire range of metallic tones.”

100% Nylon
Laminato: 100% Polyurethane

Filament Section
Face: multi lament trilobate nylon shining Back: silver poliurethane lamination

Fabric Features
1) Garmend Dyed 2) Quick Dry
3) Coated
4) 2L
5) Packable
6) Multi lament

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