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Re-Colour Migration

Re-Colour Migration
At the heart of C.P. Company’s FW18 collection is an exploration of the use of garment dyeing of high performance synthetic fabrics to pre-imbue urban sportswear jackets with suggestions of the possible effect of interactions with extreme atmospheres.This concept finds its origins in the Goggle Jacket designed by C.P. Company in 1988 on occasion of its sponsorship of the Mille Miglia. This 5-fabric field jacket was garment dyed to produce a extremely broad range of different earth tones that alluded to sequential coatings of dust, mud, rain and sun that a Mille Miglia driver might experience, as well as a vaguely dystopian imaginary future.Thus in FW18 C.P. Company takes its classic earthy colour card of beiges, browns, khakis, military greens, burnt oranges, tartans and burgundies and tweaks it with shades of urban rain, dust and acid. This theme finds its highest expression in Re-Colour Migration, a resin-coated pigment dyeing which colours core technical fabrics such as Soft Shell, Pro-Tek and Nycra with a one-off deep, irregular striated tone-on-tone surface.

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