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Chapter 3

#eyesonthecity London

#eyesonthecity London
C.P. Company releases a new chapter of its Eyes On The City campaign, the global project that pays homage to the community of fans of the iconic Goggle Jacket. Designed as a tribute to the original images of different cities created by the C.P. Company aficionados, Eyes On The City explores the iconic (and the less ones) angles of the urban landscape through the lens of the Goggle Jacket.

Following previous installments featuring rapper Rkomi from Milan and graffiti artist Mike “Cozek731” Rudaev from Moscow, the third chapter takes place in London and Darwen and features sportswear hero, designer and collector Gary Aspden.
Gary embodies the British culture of the Eighties and Nineties, a now-legendary blend of music (the first stirrings of English acid house, the rave movement), passion for sports (football, of course) and style. From the hardened cities of northern England to the very heart of the UK capital, the youth became obsessed with trainers and sportswear brands from all over Europe.

C.P. Company
is, for sure, one of the iconic brand that defined what people call casual today.
But as Gary quotes in the film, “there was nothing ‘casual’ about it”.
There’s an old British saying that goes, “clothes make the man”. In this case, clothes helped shaping an entire culture, which still resonates loud today. Much more than any trend, much more than fashion.