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Preview Spring Summer 2017

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Spring Summer 2017
Classic shapes, high technology
Garments which are also pieces of design. Beauty and functionality. Classic shapes, high technology.
Garments which are also pieces of design. Beauty and functionality. Classic shapes, high technology.

For Spring Summer 2017, C.P. Company draws with extreme precision from the classic reference points of functional clothing design (high performance sports equipment, military uniforms, workwear and traditional British outdoorswear), combining them with unmistakably Italian fabric innovation and the complex garment dyeing technique, fundament of the C.P. Company aesthetic since the Seventies. Garments from this season’s collection are authentic, elegant, functional. They have been designed for a man who truly understands the philosophy behind Italian sportswear. A man that loves beauty, not ostentation.

The C.P. Company Spring/Summer 2017 collection is a quantum leap to the future of urban sportswear. It presents a veritable cornucopia of innovation.

The development of the component dyeing technique, in which a membrane liner is added to garment dyed outer shells of jackets, allowing for a 3-layer jacket of a softness unparalleled on the market today.

The ultralight re-tuning of two of C.P. Company’s most iconic fabrics, 50 Fili and Raso 5, now re-baptized Piuma 50 and Raso EL both of which respect the original construction and composition but weigh 50 and 40% less, respectively.

A full range of double use pieces built on the roots of a project that founder Massimo Osti was working on before his passing away in 2005.

A full range of Ultrasonic seamed and Thermowelded jackets which have an entirely eliminated the use of seams or threads and express these avant-garde garment construction technologies in the most simple and pure way. The jackets, in this way, ‘design themselves’, letting the technology guide the final form.

Development of technical linen fabric, Vanguard, which thanks to subtle treatments mimics the performance characteristics demanded of synthetics while maintaining linen’s characteristic irregularities and organic appearance.

Additionally the collection presents an intense return to complex garment dyeing, all executed in Italy.