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Chapter 7

#eyesonthecity Brighton

#eyesonthecity Brighton
In the latest chapter of the Eyes On The City series, the acclaimed style and subculture photographer Ewen Spencer and his son, Kuba, are featured in their adopted city, Brighton.
A life through the lens. Ewen recounts his work as a photographer, his growth in the underground subculture, his passion for upcoming artists and personalities of Eighties and Nineties London scene.

Ewen’s work started documenting the UK garage and youth culture. During the years he became a worldwide know photographer, thanks to his collaborations with the most important fashion magazines in the world such as DAZED, VOGUE HOMMES and ARENA HOMME +.
His dedication to describe the reality, to stop an instant that can transport you somewhere else, has been the motivation of Ewen's life.
A life that brought him to Brighton, a city with a strong connection to an alternative counter culture and gave him the opportunity to pursue photography in the way he wanted and gave Kuba a place to explore and grow. 

The photo camera, has been the storyteller of the father and son's relationship as well, of their growth as individuals. They are now together, facing the future, creating new pictures.

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