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Chapter 2

#eyesonthecity Moscow

#eyesonthecity Moscow
C.P. Company launches a new chapter of its Eyes On The City campaign, the Brand’s global project that pays homage to the community of fans of the iconic Goggle Jacket. Eyes On The City is designed to honor the original photographs created by the fans, inviting them to share (through the hashtags #cpcompany #eyesonthecity) the images of their city, explored and lived by wearing the Goggle Jacket.

To complete the project, C.P. Company is broadcasting a number of videos starring artists, musicians and creative people from several nations, who describe the cities they live in from their unique perspectives. Following on from the previous installment featuring young rapper Rkomi from Milan, the second chapter is all about Moscow, through the eyes of Mike “Cozek731” Rudaev.

Mike is an internationally renowned graffiti artist, active since the nineties. As an artist, he has a close relationship with his city.

Of course it’s not just about living in Moscow and loving the city, it’s about changing its urban landscape, working with spray paint, posters and mixed media techniques. Mike’s lettering is spontaneous, incisive and precise. His eyes are always exploring the city, in search of new spots to write with his crew A.d.e.d. (All Day Every Day). To transform the city means subverting its rules, multiplying its narratives and re-writing the social and cultural context. That’s what Mike’s doing every day and every night.

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