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Plated linen fabric works a bit like camouflage – without featuring any actual camo. Because of the C.P. Company colourways and the brand DNA, no camouflage is necessary to spell out the army connotations. But the plated linen’s camo connection goes deeper, it’s about sartorial deception.
The linen has been treated with a resin-based pigmented outer coating and a pure white inner coating. The result is a transformation from soft to hard, from tender to powerful. Pure linen doesn’t have the qualities of a military material. That’s where the tension and element of surprise comes into play.
“The 50 Fili Plated uses a lighter variant of the classic C.P. Company cotton nylon as a base fabric for a water resistant white, or pigmented, coating. The resulting fabric has a natural fibre inner-face but a highly weather-resistant outer one. The outer coating will, with time, develop its own patina”
Paul Harvey