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Motofumi “Poggy” Kogi

introduces Military Tender

Motofumi “Poggy” Kogi
Kogi Motofumi is one of the most extraordinary fashion curators representing Japan. He has directed the boutiques “UNITED ARROWS & SONS” and “2G”, which has always attracted attention from fashion lovers around the world. The fashion style he values is tailoring and street. With an academic approach to fashion and deep knowledge of the style born from street culture, he mixes fashion in an original way that is his own. Kogi states that C.P. COMPANY is very reminiscent of one of his favourite fashion styles, "Paninari." “In the 80s, young Italian people were influenced by American culture and preferred casual brands, forming the style we know today as Paninari. I have a strong impression that they were wearing C.P. COMPANY with American casual brands." Combining influence from the craftsmen quality of clothing made in Italy with 80’s American casual fashion, a casual Italian style was born. “It’s the moment when the charm of casual clothes and Italian skill was combined. One of the brands born of this era, C.P. COMPANY, also influenced people in the Japanese fashion industry.
Nowadays, street brands from Italy are gaining worldwide popularity because of their combination of street ideas and Italian quality. "I think that the one of pioneer of that movement is Massimo Osti, the founder of C.P. COMPANY." The historical moment of combining American and Italian clothing seems to have a special place in Kogi's mind, whose theme is the pursuit of tailoring and street. The series of Military Tender that he wore on the day of our interview was also styled like in a very Kogi way. "It's very easy to incorporate military inspired wear. Rather than matching C.P. COMPANY's clothes to the street, I'd rather wear them with leather shoes that give me a feeling of elegance. Therefore, I think it's perfect to create a silhouette that is not too loose and just right.
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