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Modelling Spring Summer Eighteen

Ruben Spelta

Ruben Spelta
Ruben Spelta (b. 1995) is an upcoming young Italian skateboarder known for his highly creative natural street style. His regular spot is Centrale, the abundantly marbled area outside Milan’s central station which has always attracted the best local and international riders. 
Having picked up his first major sponsorships in 2016, he recently began traveling more frequently, regularly skating international meccas, Paris,Barcelona and New York.
I was born and grew up in Milan. I started skating at 13 - 9 years ago - at first with my friends around the place and then, bit by bit, I started going to Centrale (Milan’s central station). 
The skater I was most into was Gino Iannucci, because he’s just so stylish but also because he’s half-Italian half-American, and he’s come to Centrale to skate a few times and we all half met him. 
New York is cool, but the streets are rough and harder to skate than places in Europe and all the walls have been skated a lot already, but still it’s the home of skateboarding, it’s where all the European culture came from first...

I don’t know what my ambition is. I just skate every day, most days at Centrale from the 3 o’clock in the afternoon until late in the evening.

But I don’t consider it practice. I just want to be excited about the way I’m skating. 
I try not to look too much at what the others are doing and to interpret what’s going on in my own way. 
My favourite guys to skate with, even though I’ve traveled around a bit, are just all the locals of Centrale.

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