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Chapter 10

C.P. Company joins forces with CERTILOGO to guarantee authenticity

C.P. Company joins forces with CERTILOGO to guarantee authenticity
C.P. Company has allied with CERTILOGO, the world’s leading authentication platform, to deliver a smart and simple digital authentication for C.P. clients around the globe.

Launched with the SS019 season, the service allows clients of the historic Italian brand to use any smartphone or connected device to interact digitally with a garment and verify in seconds that it’s an authentic original from C.P. Company.

“C.P. Company has clients around the world who want the same quality products sold in our flagship stores in Milan and London,” said Lorenzo Osti, C.P. Company President.  “With CERTILOGO we’re giving them a quick and simple way to guarantee that a product is exactly the authentic product they want, anywhere they make their purchase.”

Authentications are free of charge, available in 10 languages, and accessible to clients using any digital device and operating system connected to the internet. The user simply scans a QR Code found on the C.P. Company smart label inside the garment or types the accompanying code digits at, and answers a few simple questions. 

Artificial Intelligence created to detect counterfeit products analyses the information and confirms in seconds if the label, code, and product are originals created by C.P. Company.  If the product is not an original, CERTILOGO supplies the client with a Fake Report to request a refund from the seller, PayPal, or credit card company used for the purchase.
“C.P. Company is giving consumers around the globe the opportunity to verify that their items are authentic, at no charge and in total security,”added Michele Casucci, CERTILOGO CEO. “They’ve transformed their physical products into a digital communication channel that makes the purchase experience more memorable and enjoyable, and we’re proud to be partner to a brand that is so forward-thinking and committed to giving its clients an excellent experience.”  

Osti described product authentication as a natural extension of an ongoing initiative to redesign how C.P. Company serves its expanding global community of consumers and longtime clients. The brand’s unique blend of functional menswear and Italian textile innovation has attracted passionate support for nearly 50 years, passing in many cases from father to son.  

The new Italian flagship opened in Milan in April, joining the London flagship and a network of more than 900 exclusive retailers serving consumers with authentic C.P. Company products globally. Additional outlets are under study for Italy, Benelux, France and Germany, as well.

“We’re proud of C.P. Company products,” Osti concluded. “Our clients trust us to make the best, so naturally we want to make sure they get an authentic item every time they choose C.P. Company.