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Collaboration with Gorillaz for Demon Dayz Festival

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C.P. Company for Gorillaz
Discover The Exclusive Collaboration

British band Gorillaz have collaborated with Italian clothing brand C.P. Company, for Demon Dayz – a new one day festival extravaganza at Dreamland Margate and curated by Gorillaz co-founders Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett – on Saturday 10th June.

C.P. Company designers, Paul Harvey and Alessandro Pungetti created specially designed cloaks in collaboration with Gorillaz, Block 9 and visual storyteller Harris Elliott to realise a “Cult of Humanz” vision for Demon Dayz.

The full length hooded cloaks are fabricated in C.P. Company’s own Vanguard fabric and feature their iconic goggles on a zipped mask.

“The Gorillaz project came about through conversations I had with Jamie and Damon about their influences for the new album campaign. I devised a concept called "Cult of Humanz", a mythical group of cloaked soldiers who only operate at night. I had incorporated the C.P. Company aesthetic into my very first designs and concepts, as it made the most obvious collaboration for me for the concept. Jamie and Damon both loved the shape of the Moroccan Jellabah hood, I worked with Paul Harvey and Block 9 to bring these shapes and characters to life.” Harris Elliott, Visual Storyteller.

For the opening of the Gorillaz performance, the C.P. Company cloaks were worn by a parade of 50 individuals to create a “Cult of Humanz” army, carrying flags and bells. Moving around the festival site in small groups, the cloaked figures congregated to form an ominous procession through the crowd and onto stage where they rang bells and moved menacingly in unison. The army descended, leaving the remaining cloaked figures to be revealed as the band, led by Damon Albarn, as they took the stage in front of a 15,000 strong ecstatic crowd for opening song ‘Ascension’.