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C.P. Company introduces P.Ri.S.M.

C.P. Company introduces P.Ri.S.M.
As the founder and prime innovator of the garment dyeing technique, C.P. Company presents P.Ri.S.M, an exclusive fabric engineered from the expertise of the brand, featuring a Prismatic Rip-Stop Membrane composed of a two-tone ripstop and a polyurethane membrane.

The Rip-Stop features a ready-for-dyeing nylon warp and a yarn dyed contrasting polyester weft; the polyurethane membrane is transparent and can be dyed.

The prismatic final colour and the iridescent effect are a consequence of the contrast achieved in the semi-dyeable ripstop membrane: a truly unique fabric for the next generation of outerwear from C.P. Company.

P.Ri.S.M capsule collection includes three different type of jackets, a vest, a pair of cargo pants and three sweatshirts.
P.Ri.S.M items will be available from January 10th online on, and in exclusive on selected retailers worldwide.

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