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Proprietary Technologies: Quartz

Proprietary Technologies: Quartz
For SS019 season, C.P. Company introduce a new proprietary technology fabric: Quartz.

Quartz is a canvas weave, made of one hundred percent nylon and nylon fibres, just like cottons or other yarns, are all totally different: from mono-filament fishing lines to multi-bava stocking yarns, with a huge variety of profiles, torsions and finishing.

As a quest fabric, Quartz is no exception to this. There’s always a nylon fibre but with different constructions, one for the warp and one for the weft. And by using two different fibres it is possible to get two different tones when the fabric is dyed.

These two different tones working together with the natural shiny brilliance of nylon fibres, create a metallic effect which characterize Quartz fabric.

"Every single yarn responds to color in a different way and through carefully balancing different nylon fibers, we can achieve unique tonal contrasts"

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