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Happened on January 10th, NEXT LANDSCAPE refers to the overarching concept developed by designer Paul Harvey for the C.P. Company AW020 collection, presented for the first time as part of Milan Fashion Week in a specifically commissioned 2000sqm immersive set.

The event, which hosted international press, socialites and commercial partners, has been a great success.

Both collection and the environment, in which its designs are first encountered represent a hopeful image of a future urban landscape, in which nature is given the space to grow back vitally and spontaneously amongst the essential architectural forms of the city.

Working directly from reference images of the abandoned and now overgrown post nuclear city, C.P. Company has created a collection comprised of a series of structural elements that together represent the entire spectrum of this hypothetical next landscape: ranging from remastered ultralight and high-performance versions of the iconic Urban Protection Metropolis jacket (first issued 20 years ago, in 1999) in Dyneema and GoreTex Xenia and Infinium, to crystal jackets made from a dyed achronic flat profile nylon with visible structural accents and a related series of down jackets to aged metallic patinas and a colour palette of faded industrial pastels.