Transeasonal Looks
Transeasonal Looks

Transeasonal Looks

C.P. Company’s transeasonal pieces are designed to meet the various demands of a continually changing climate. Fabrics such as Micro M substitutes cotton thread for hydrophobic polyester micro-fibres that result in a water resistant and breathable fabric that still retains a dense and rich feel.
Lighter pieces such as polos, tees and sweatshirts can be worn alone or combined during the warmer months. Whilst further on in the season these pieces can be teamed up with more substantial overshirts or jackets to create the ultimate layered look.
The temperature regulating/quick drying qualities of the 50 Filil Goggle jacket when paired up with the lightweight yet protective Soft Shell Bucket hat provide the perfect transeasonal look to face the elements in.

C.P. Soft Shell Goggle Utility Field Jacket

USドル   572.00 USドル   400.40

Premium Leather Goggle Mille Field Jacket

USドル   1944.00 USドル   972.00

C.P. Soft Shell Lens Urban Field Jacket

USドル   507.00 USドル   354.90

50 Fili Rubber GD Goggle Explorer Short Jacket

USドル   1150.00 USドル   805.00

Emerized Fleece Comics Crew Raglan Sweatshirt

USドル   169.00 USドル   118.30