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The fractured surface of M.T.t.N. fabric is due to the different tensions of the 2 nylon fibres – an opaque taslan warp and a brilliant trilobatic weft – and the twisted cord finishing process.
Nylons finished in this way were a staple of early 1980’s sportswear, pioneered by C.P. Company
This season C.P. Company have combined this fabric with a completely new pigment based ‘Internally Coloured Envelope’ dyeing process. The M.T.t.N. I.C.E. Goggle jacket is the result of this brand new innovative dyeing process.
“The I.C.E. – Internally Coloured Envelope – is a new way of garment dyeing  which emphasises further the different types of nylon yarns and the irregularity of the finished fabric.”
Paul Harvey