Not for today, but forever.

Being an integral element of the brand’s initiatives, C.P. Company's community represents the ongoing dialogue with the voices of different personalities. Each brand item is a gateway, connecting identity and evoking the human value behind each story. In the most authentic way.

In continuity with the previous seasons, C.P. Company continues to profile people from very different backgrounds, for whom wearing, buying, and studying the brand's clothes intersected with experiences of cultural interest.

These people are representative of C.P. Company's unique ability to use clothing to interact with contemporary social contexts.

Marco Reus

Football icon

Recognised as one of the most talented European footballers of his generation, Marco Reus combines technical elegance with refined athleticism.

The German player has spent most of his career at Borussia Dortmund, rising through the youth ranks and becoming a stalwart of the club.

“The club is simply like a home to me, giving me a very good feeling. The environment fits, you have the best fans in the world, and the most beautiful stadium in Europe. Since I've been here, I've enjoyed it a lot and will continue to do so”.

The yellow and black jersey is like a second skin to him.

An unbreakable bond with his origins that he will never betray, regardless of anything.


Eve Carol Kelly

Fashion Stylist -

Eve Carol Kelly and apparel are one entity. She works as an online fashion creator, freelance creative director, and model in Manchester, where she has been living since 18.

“Manchester feels like home, it is such an inspiring city for so many reasons. What I love most about Manchester is the creative industries here, it is a community that makes working feel like a collaboration rather than a competition.”

Her passion is reflected in the cultural and social value that clothing can evoke, as well as her ability to conceptualize a variety of contemporary fabrics and materials.

“C.P. Company is really the main reason why I work in fashion.”


Francis Mallet

Musicology Professor -

The study of music, where every note counts, requires great attention to each detail. It is an approach that Francis Mallet, a DJ and pop musicologist from Marseille, finds in the DNA of C.P. Company, through constant research and innovation.

“In the city, the elderly wear it with a sense of elegance. C.P. Company has added class to clothes that were thought to be only practical.”


72 Hour Post Fight

Jazz Band -

Formed in 2018, the Italian rock band represents a diverse conglomerate of artists, producers, and musicians based in the provinces of Varese and Sondrio, Lombardy.

“We are very different people, with very different passions - what we have in common is our love for music and the process that leads to its creation.

We like the approach of C.P. Company, which has a long history of research that has made it as unique as we are. Through the study of materials, we are fascinated by the idea of making a dress a tool to travel the world in all conditions.”


Throwing Fits

Fashion Podcasters -
New York

Through an irreverent and ironic approach, James Harris and Lawrence Schlossman host one of the most followed weekly podcasts on the fashion world Throwing Fits 'just tryna navigate the male zeitgeist'.

The New York-based duo operate in a space between telling the story of contemporary trends and poking fun at the reactions of a public in the grip of a constant desire for coolness.

James and Lawrence are also known for mixing hybrid outfits and styles, inspired by the Big Apple's ever-changing environment.

And in this sense, C.P. Company garments represent staples in their daily rotation.