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An anthology from the Westminster men's archive

C.P. Company is one of the protagonist of INVISIBLE MEN – An anthology from the Westminster University men's archive, which is taking place in London until November 24th, 2019.

The exhibition is arranged into twelve sections, presenting designer garments alongside military, functional, and utilitarian outfits.  It explores the design language of menswear which predominately focuses on the replication of repeats archetypal functional garments intended for specific industrial, technical or military use.

Invisible Men illustrates how designers have disrupted these conventions through minimal, yet significant modifications to produce outcomes that both replicate and subvert their source material. Through this approach, the language of menswear has developed an almost fetishistic appreciation of the working man in all his heroic iterations, referencing the clothing of seafarers, soldiers, athletes, firefighters, road workers, and explorers. 

A comprehensive section devoted to the C.P. Company Urban Protection range that was launched in 1998 and has been highly influential on a generation of menswear designers.

On October 31st Lorenzo Osti, C.P. Company President, and Moreno Ferrari, Urban Protection collection designer, have been the speakers of a conference dedicated to the historical Italian Brand and how it influenced the sportswear culture.