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Chapter 11

C.P. Company Store Milan

 C.P. Company Store Milan
C.P. Company has opened the first location of its new global retail project.

Situated in Corso Garibaldi 95, it is an experimental retail platform conceived to create an immersive atmosphere for C.P. Company customers.
Imagined as a stage, shop’s interior has been stripped back to a minimalistic but highly modular arrangement: with a neutral background, it has been designed to focus the attention on a constant rotation of clothing, colours, industrial machinery, special products and in-store processes of customization.
In contrast with the neutral environment, deconstructed platonic solids, positioned at the center of this imaginary scene, are made from materials immersed in colour, inspired by the same dyeing process used for the garments.

A suspended lightbox hanging from the ceiling, creates a dynamic element that determines a unique colour show.
The lightbox has a day and night cycle: during the day, it displays C.P. Company seasonal colours, at night, urban sceneries are the focuses of the scene recalling the “Eyes On The City” campaign.

Another big innovation is the inclusion of elements capable of creating a soundproof environment: the store is muffled and immersive, providing a controlled sound experience.
Customers will find a space that is protected from sound pollution, a space that stands alone, where extensive research into soundproofing materials offers an experience that is the antithesis of the generic music, typically used in commercial spaces.
The importance C.P. Company places on this interactive research, is further epitomized by the Bespoke Colour project, available in a dedicated area.

Customers can customize a selection of brand's iconic pieces in every PANTONE© nuance, or even can bring their favourite item that could be the childhood puppet, the favourite team jersey, or whatever they want and ask to have a C.P. Company garment in that exact colour.
Both the Bespoke Colour service and the studied minimalist ambience of this new space allow the customer to not only purchase entirely unique pieces of Italian sportswear but also, most importantly, to intimately engage with the process of C.P. Company poetic, colour-driven, manipulation of cutting-edge industrial techniques.
Sqm: 170 sqm on two floors
Design studio: Andrea Caputo Studio
Photo: Adriano A.Biondo
Light design: D'Alesio&Santoro