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The art of ‘colouring in’ has always been one that’s close to C.P. Company’s heart, whether garment dyeing our jackets or creating eye-catching graphic prints, colour really counts. However this time around we’d like to offer you the chance to add your own colour to a very special version of our C.P. Company Undersixteen SS020 lookbook. We’re inviting all of our Undersixteen fans to get seriously creative by downloading this unique C.P. colouring book. Where you’ll notice we’ve already given your favourite gear some colour but the rest of the book is waiting for some serious artistic input from you! 

Featuring items from our SS020 Undersixteen collection in a cosmic space exploration setting you can really let your mind and your colour palette go wild by colouring in this lookbook just the way you want it. Once you’ve finished your colourful C.P. creations we really want to see them too, so make sure you get someone to upload your artwork to instagram using the hashtag #cpcolours so that we can all enjoy them too. What’s more we’ll also be choosing our favourite ones to be featured on
So what are you waiting for? Go grab your pencils, pens, paints or whatever it takes and get colouring with C.P. Undersixteen now!