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Masaho Anotani introduces

the new NyBer fabric

Masaho Anotani introduces
Masaho Anotani is a Japanese artist who produces work in a variety of mediums including painting, collage, photography and three-dimensional work. We photographed him wearing two types of C.P. Company NyBer jackets, which feature water-resistant fabrics and unique colors achieved through garment dyeing.

 “I first got to know C.P. Company from my brother and I thought the unique colours and the goggles attached to the jacket were interesting.”
The context of Anotani's unique use of colour in his artwork makes for a natural harmony between him and the jackets. As evident in the pictures, the individual colours of the jackets fit Anotani's own unique colour palette and he immediately makes them his own.
 “I record my emotions when I have an experience that can’t be put into words and have no other outlet besides expressing them in my work and sharing them with someone. I just want to express my joy with the fun I have.”

Since last year, Anotani has been working on a project at his new atelier in Yokosuka, Kanagawa prefecture, a place that’s known for its unique atmosphere as well as being a U.S Navy base.
“I like the colour blue. The clothes I wear on a daily basis tend to also be blue. As I was walking around Yokosuka wearing C.P. Company today, I was reminded of just how much blue colours the physical structure of the city. These clothes are a good match with the hues of this city.”
Anotani often goes to a seaside park a little way from central Yokosuka, where he enjoys fishing and gaining inspiration from the sea and trees that surround the area.

“The leaves sway when the wind blows through the trees. Small moments like that also serve as inspiration for my work. This piece of patchwork is wearable and it's made by stitching up fragments of different fabrics. I use old textiles that I have a special attachment to, like my dad’s old shirts and the fabrics I bought at the market back when I used to live in Amsterdam. I look to continue adding to this work in progress.”

Model  @Masahoanotani

Photo  @youtojah

Interview & Text  @takayasu_yamada @thousand_inc